Highlands Bird & Pet Clinic

3770 NE 4th Street
Renton, WA 98056



Pet and Dog Boarding in Renton

We have a separate boarding facility for cats located in the lower level of the clinic. The Pussycat Palace is a condominium style habitat which allows your cat or cats to move between sections to provide both roomy interiors ans privacy. Cats do not commingle. Your cat does not come into contact with other cats. We have windows, cat trees and nature sounds in the background to give your pet amusement while you are away.

Dogs are in a separate, upper level of the clinic. They are walked outside 3-4 X daily. In addition to these normal "potty breaks", we try to get them out for a 10 - 15 minute activity walk daily. Additional playtime is available to your pet at your request. They are fed twice daily. Bedding is supplied fresh each morning after their kennels are cleaned thoroughly. If your pet does get his or her kennel dirty- it is promptly cleaned and fresh bedding again supplied.

Our kennel attendants are diligent in monitoring how your pet is feeling and will have our veterinarian examine any boarder who may not be feeling well. We work hard to make certain your pet is kept safe and healthy while you are away. Many people call us while they are away to get an update on how their pet is doing. We'd be glad to email you a picture of your pet while you are traveling.