Highlands Bird & Pet Clinic

3770 NE 4th Street
Renton, WA 98056



 Lauren is our kennel attendant. She keeps all the boarders happy and healthy by walking them, feeding them and giving lots of baths. They care for all the cats in our new cat condos. They care for all the birds, rabbits and chinchillas who come visit while their owners are away from home. She enjoys art and her two dogs- Bekka and Riley.

Judith is our kennel coordinator. Judith is also a lifelong Renton resident. She is busy all the time caring for  the dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas who board at Highlands Bird & Pet Clinic. Judith is the current president of the Renton Lions Club and enjoys all the good work they do. She attended Evergreen State College- GO GOOEY DUCKS!  She provides a home for five pets- 3 cats and 2 budgies. All too often veterinary staff acquire animals no one else wants or who have become lost and need a good home. Dr.Fuxa can certainly relate to that. She has rescued and adopted so many animals no one else wanted over the years- who can remember how many!!

Our kennel people love to walk the dogs during the day. The cats who board here in the cat condos are located in a separate part of the building. The kennel staff play music the cats can groove to and allow playtime on the cat furniture in the cat room.